Il's about applying what cames naturally, to something you've been avoiding.

Power Tool:
Transferring your Excellence

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Driving change and results is all about replacing the habits that aren’t serving us, with ones that do.

Transferring Your Excellence is a tool that helps you to reframe how you are seeing a specific action that you are avoiding to create a willingness to just do it.

Tips to make the training more impactful: 

1. Print and use it as a worksheet.
2. You can listen to a Recording of the Tool HERE.

1. What action are you avoiding? Self-promoting, leading a group, having a challenging conversation, asking for what you need, etc…?

2. What are you great at? What do you love doing? Something that’s innate and effortless to you or brings you joy? It can be ANYTHING: meeting new people, folding laundry or cuddling, to leading meetings, pitching clients, managing people, etc…. Whatever it is for you.

3. List in a column all of the reasons why you love it or why you are good at it?
I am great at…………………………………… and here’s why:

4. Now go through your comments (in the list you just made) and fill in the blank below for each. See if your responses can be attributed or relevant to the action you are avoiding in question #1 above.
Ask yourself:  “Can (#1)…………….. be about………………….? (for each comment)

5. What comes up for you through this process? What are you noticing?

6. Can you acknowledge that what you are avoiding can actually be relevant to what you do best or what comes so naturally? If so, how does thinking of your action feel differently?

7. What is Your Choice Perspective? What is the new story you are going to choose to tell yourself, consistently, as it relates to the action? Write it down.

8. How are you going to remind yourself of your New Choice Perspective (from #7) as it relates to what you were avoiding?
Creating new habits is all about remembering to do something differently. This is why intentional, visual reminders are so helpful. Maybe it’s writing your new choice perspective in your planner, in a journal or choosing a visual image that reminds you of your New Choice Perspective and framing it on your desk, a few specific words you save to your phone?

The details around you won’t change, just how you choose to navigate and respond to them will.

You’ve just demonstrated that you CAN see the action from a more empowering perspective.

And here’s the truth.

Every time you see the action you’ve been avoiding from a negative perspective, you are making a choice.

Making the choice to continue to play small. To stay on autopilot and in your comfort zone.

It’s up to you to change your mindset and choose your thoughts.

Remember, you are NOT alone. There are so many other women just like you. Women who want to thrive at work and in life, and need to figure out new ways to do just that.

So, let’s do this together.

It’s about being reminded and inspired by each other, to do things differently.

We’d love to hear from you.

• What are you taking away from today’s training?

• How are you going to remind yourself of your new and empowering perspective from Transferring Your Excellence?
• Is there something you already know you want to start doing differently?
• Do you have a question you need answered? If so, don’t hesitate to ask.

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