What would change if the women around you had Tools to shut down the noise and leverage other's experiences to influence, lead and acheive their goals?

Tools For Them:

P.O.W.E.R Advisory Board PLUS:

To Lead and Influence, at work and in life. 

This is a unique leadership and development platform where a small group of women are equipped with a transferable leadership skill and tools, and leverage the shared experiences of other likeminded women, to drive change and results, as well as expand their networks, authentically.

You can either:

1 | Host your Own: Ideal for large groups or organizations that would benefit from their women connecting in strategic, productive, and empowering ways.

2 | Reserve External Seats: This is a Board comprised of professional women from different organizations.

Just friggin do it!

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Reboot™ :

An Event for Professional Women that is Relevant, Practical and Action Oriented. 


As professional women our plates are full.  This event enables participants to shut down the noise of their day-to-day, equips them with tools to get out of their own way, and to leverage the group's shared experiences and expertise to help them achieve their goals at work and in life.

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"Engaging, Relevant and Action Oriented"

This is why Victoria is constantly asked to speak to audiences at TD, TELUS, Points.com, Royal Bank, etc...

Victoria gets it. She too is a professional woman who wants to thrive at work and in life, just like the women around you.

Don't just take our word for it. 
Here's what others have shared:

"The workshop was very powerful and informative. I am leaving with a focused goal to build my career and practical steps needed to reach them."

"Victoria's enthusiasm is contagious. I was able to look at my blocks from a new perspective. This will help me move towards my goals and the life I want to live"

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P.O.W.E.R Mastermind™ :


Where You Choose to Live Your Legacy.

This is for you if:
• You are an Entrepreneur or a Corporate Leader.
• You are ready to up level your life.
• You know that you want be living your legacy.
• You want to continue to grow as a leader and as an individual.
• Want to be a part of something exceptional.

This is an intimate and confidential yearlong opportunity for 8 amazing women.

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