3 Days to Disrupt Your Status Quo:
Drive the change you desire at work and in life.

Day 1 – Your Success Wheel

Success is relative and personal to you.

Here is your opportunity to stop and think about the aspects or parts of your life that you know have to be present in order for you to feel fulfilled.

To be living your version of success.

Your best life.

Who’s kidding who. Work and life are not mutually exclusive events. They trickle in and influence each other. This is why you need to look at your life as a WHOLE, which means looking at all of the parts

1. If your success could be divided into categories what would it look like to you?
What are the categories that are most important to you at work and in life?

Here are a few suggestions of the categories to help you get started. You can have as many, or as few categories, as you like: Family/Friends, Career, Health, Giving, Learning, Spirituality, etc…

Write them here:

2. Draw a circle in the space provided.
Divide it into slices based on the # of answers in #1. They don’t have to be equal slices.

3. Now assign each section a visual score out of 10. (1 = not where or how you want to be and 10 = being, feeling like you are where and how you want to be.)

4. From all the categories you listed, which one is most important for you to create change in at this time? It’s about tweaking your status quo one thing at a time.

5.What is the impact, if six months or one year from now, nothing has changed?
• On your wellbeing?

• On your relationships?

• On your income?

• On your health?

6.What are you afraid of?

The details around you won’t change,
just how you choose to navigate them will.

Tomorrow we will show you a new perspective about WHY you have been avoiding creating the change.

Let’s do this together!

You are NOT alone. Perhaps your details are different, but the truth is nobody has it all figure out. We all have our own details.

It’s not about being perfect.

It’s about being authentic. Being purposeful. Taking inspired action.

You are part of the #PowerTribe.

We’d love to hear from you.

• What are you taking away from today’s training?
• Was there a question that really resonated and why?
• Do you have a question you need answered? If so, don’t hesitate to ask.
• Is there something you already know you want to start doing differently, without waiting for the next 2 days of training?

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